Area Dad Suffers Grill Season-Ending Injury

"Wow, this is a huge loss for the neighborhood," said Robert Klotz, neighbor to Kevin Greenwood who broke his arm Friday in an untimely fishing accident. "Kevin is our go-to guy on the grill. He's hosted the neighborhood barbecue for the last ten years. The guy's a pro. You hate to see such an injury so early in the grill season. I'd say he could use his left arm to grill, but we all know it won't be anywhere near the same." Early reports show that Kevin will need to wear a cast on his right grill arm for at least five months. "I might be able to make an appearance in late season, or for the playoffs, the major league baseball playoffs. We always throw a big playoff baseball barbecue," said Kevin. "Hopefully I'll be at full strength by then. I'd hate to be on the DL for that."

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