Coworker Engaged In Twenty Minute Conversation With Office Water Cooler

"I'm not sure if she thinks she's having a conversation with someone at the water cooler, or if she is actually engaging in a conversation with the water cooler," says Tamika Robinson, a confused spectator. "Sarah has an annoying tendency to talk at people rather than participating in a two-way conversation. She'll go on for what seems like hours about something her idiot kid did or her two week vacation in Europe. Honestly, I feel bad for the water cooler."

Some of Sarah's fellow employees believe that over her seven years spent with the company, she may have developed an actual bond with the office water cooler. "It's Sarah's favorite talking spot," claims Brad Blumberg, the office manager. "We've all come to avoid that area entirely, but it hasn't seemed to slow her down. Last Tuesday, I walked by as she was showing it pictures of her new puppy on her phone. But, I'm not complaining, as long as I don't have to talk to her. I mean, Sarah's a a great worker with a gifted mind; but holy shit, when she corners me and blabbers on about her kid's birthday party last weekend, I just want to stick a 9 mm up my mouth and eat a bullet. She never let's you get a word in. You just have to stand there smiling like a jackass."

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