16 Dead in Horrific Fire Extinguisher Factory Fire

The smoke was almost as thick as the irony on Friday, when the Clemson Fire Extinguisher Company caught ablaze. The fire spread throughout the building, originating on the factor floor where the factory produces fire extinguishers sold around the world. "I know what your thinking, 'How did this happen?" said Operations Manager, Samantha Blackburn. "But you see, we manufacturer the fire extinguisher shells, not the pressurized carbon dioxide inside functional fire extinguishers. It's actually a pretty common misunderstanding. Unfortunately for the human resources department, it was a fatal misunderstanding." While numerous engineers and factory workers rushed to escape the burning building, sixteen brave human resources employees scrambled to grab empty fire extinguishers in an ill-conceived attempt to douse the raging fire. All sixteen of them perished in the flames.

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