Elderly Man In Locker Room Elects To Put Underwear On Last

"He just stood there butt-ass naked," said local YMCA patron,Terrance Woods. "So he's standing there, in the middle of the walkway, mind you, and he decides to put on his tube socks first!" Terrance shrieks recalling the horrific incident. "This guy's gotta be pushing eighty, and he doesn't have an ounce of shame that his wrinkled, saggy ball sack is hanging out for everyone in the locker room to see. Worst of all, there's a boys swim team changing no more than 15 feet away." Bill Morrison, the YMCA boys swim coach, commented, "Yeah, I remember that guy. How could I forget? The guy takes off his towel, but instead of immediately reaching for his underwear, he fumbles through his locker and pulls out a pair of tube socks. It takes him a solid two minutes to get the tube socks on, and then he grabs his t-shirt! While he's gingerly slipping on his t-shirt, the whole locker room is tense. Did this guy bring underwear? Did he somehow manage to enter the YMCA bottomless? Finally, there's a collective sigh of relief in the locker room when this old pervert pulls out an extra large pair of stained whitey tighties. Never in my life have I been more glad to see an elderly man put on a pair of whitey tighties."

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