Neighbors Of Convicted Serial Killer Admit There May Have Been Some Red Flags

"You know, now that you mention it, there may have been a few red flags," said Susan Dole, neighbor of convicted serial killer. "I mean he was a fine neighbor, but I could totally see him being a serial killer." Susan and Mike Dole lived next door to the now convicted serial killer for nearly ten years. "Well, there was that one time when he left those bloody garbage bags out on the curb." Mike recalled. "But, it was trash day after all so no one gave it much thought." Mike told reporters Wednesday that the recent conviction of his former neighbor was "not too surprising".

According to Mr. and Mrs. Dole, the serial killer lived a solitary life and had a few unusual qualities. "I think the situation that really stands out for me was the time that he hosted the neighborhood poker night." Mike casually mentioned. "It was the first and only time any of us had ever been in his house and everything seemed fine until we heard a high pitch scream coming from the basement; but then he explained that it was his miniature Schnauzer that he kept in the basement because it suffered from anxiety, so again no one really gave it much thought." When asked if his neighbor ever owned a miniature Schnauzer, Mike couldn't quite remember seeing one. "You know what, this one's on us. We probably should have seen this coming awhile ago, but you know what they say, hindsight is 20/20."

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